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Neato smartwatch hero

Neato Announces Smartwatch Apps for the Botvac Connected

Controlling your Neato will be as easy as a flick of your wrist.

Samsung powerbot hero

Hands-On With the Samsung PowerBot Turbo VR9350

The newest PowerBot adds cartography to its list of hobbies.

Samsung press conference hero2

A Look at Samsung's 2016 Home Appliance Lineup

From washers to fridges, there's something for everyone.

Lg hom bot turbo plus augmented reality app hero

LG Brings Augmented Reality to Robot Vacuums

The robot even acts as a roving security camera.

Botvac vs roomba hero final

Roomba vs. Botvac: Which Robot Reigns Supreme?

Do you want the better robot, or the better vacuum?

Manufacturer names latest notext

My Way or the Huawei: How to Pronounce Tricky Brand Names

We struggled to say "Miele" so you don't have to.

Roomba 980 hero 2

The New Roomba Can Clean a Whole Floor of Your Home

Smarter, longer-lasting, and 100% more app-controlled.

Miele scout rx 1 red hero

Miele’s New Robot Vacuum Is Red, Has Upgrades

Miele's latest robot vac gets a new color and a new brush.

Neato bv connected 7869 hi

You Can Drive This Robot Vacuum With Your Smartphone

The Neato Botvac Connected is at your phone's command.

Netao d75 7856 main hero

Neato Unveils New Line of Robot Vacuums

The Botvac D Series adds to Neato's growing line of robot vacuums.

Samsung powerbot vr9000 hero

Samsung's VR9000 Robot Vacuum Hits The Market

The POWERbot is now ready for primetime.

Robot lawn mower hero 3

Why iRobot's Lawn Mower Is Making Astronomers Mad

Which is more important: radio astronomy or manicured lawns?


The Latest in Vacuums

Kenmore 21614 hero

Get one of these great vacuums while you still can

Kenmore is discontinuing two of our favorite vacuum cleaners.

Hoover edit

Half off Amazon's bestselling stick vacuum

Here's half-off one of Hoover's most popular vacuums.


Got Floors? Want $180 off a new Roomba?

Amazon's Deal of the Day is $180 off a great robot vac.

Miele c3 kona hero 2

Best Canister Vacuums

Our picks for the best canister vacuums available today.

Anker robvac 10 hero

Best Affordable Robot Vacuums

Spend less and get more with these quality, affordable robot vacuums.